A brief History of the AIBBC

Indoor bias bowls is a fun sport that older members of the community have been enjoying for years. Now it is being discovered and enjoyed by young people through to the older generations, as well as those with disabilities (wheelchair, amputees, etc).
Although similar games have been played with wooden bowls in former centuries, the sport as we know it originated in Australia and was initially known as “carpet bowls”. It was pioneered by Ray W. Hensell, the founder of Henselite (manufacturers of all bowls equipment) to cater for lawn bowlers who were continually being frustrated by unpleasant weather conditions. Now Indoor Bias Bowls is an international sport in its own right, with the Trans Tasman Cup being played every second year.
Indoor bowls is played most Commonwealth countries around the world.

Benefits Of Indoor Biased Bowls

IBB is a great sport, exercising the mind as well as the body. To play IBB well demands skill in understanding the use of the bias of the bowl, mastering the judgement of weight in delivery and degree of turn in each particular carpet, and being able to plan and execute game strategies. IBB is a ‘thinking persons sport’ and as such provided a much-needed alternative to sports that rely on strength, agility and speed. IBB provides opportunities for individual and team competition, practising sportsmanship and self-discipline, developing strategic thinking as well as new physical skills, and building of self-esteem in the sporting arena. As an indoor sport, IBB is not governed by weather. After the initial outlay involved in purchasing carpets and bowls, there is no further cost imposed on IBB players, and no financial drain in maintenance or upgrading of equipment. IBB holds virtually no risk of injury and is regarded as one of the safest sports in which to participate. Indoor Bias Bowls is a sport suitable for people of all ages (from primary school upwards) and allows for a wide range of physical abilities. It is a great equaliser. Indeed IBB has the potential to answers society’s cry for a health activity for families to enjoy together in an age where families are constantly being pulled apart.

So . . . . . .

Do yourself and others a favour ……

Dare to be different . . . . . .

and Enjoy the challenges of IBB!

For Further Information

Australian Indoor Bias Bowls Council Inc. Secretary
Tom O’Rourke
Phone: (03) 6443 4352

NSW AIB Inc. Secretary
Denise Breeze
Phone: (02) 4647 2128

Tasmania IBBC Inc. Secretary
David Rossiter
Phone: (03) 6425 4738

Queensland IBA Inc Secretary
Janet Stokel
Phone: (07) 5437 2181

South Australia IBBA Inc Secretary
Ros Blakeney
Phone: (08) 8264 0008

Victoria IBBA Inc Secretary
Rita Steer
Phone: (03) 9370 0374